Talk RUFA with Enzo Catellani – Staticity does not create

Enzo Catellani’s creative path is well known and his lights are the demonstration of his past abilities and his ever-evolving creativity. Instead, he spoke little of his backstage and of what led him to develop these skills. Creativity is innate? On the one hand, and on the other, it is stimulated by the situations that surround you. There
staticity does not create. The external motion, but above all the inner tangle of feelings and feelings, lead to achieve something. And it’s his case. Rebel, stubborn, but often also succubus and fearful of the world aimed at a future diametrically opposed to its origins that led him in a few years to try and realize everything he was capable of thinking.
In yesterday’s talk in the Aula Magna, proposed and edited by the teacher Ely Rozenberg, Catellani transmitted to the students all his experience and encouraged the students to experiment, highlighting how the great design products are born from the creative use of simple materials .

Here the story photo and video of the talk.

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