RUFA and AIESEC, together to increase the international vocation of the Academy

A partnership that amplifies the international vocation of the Rome University of Fine Arts and which will allow the students of the Academy to carry out internships abroad, comparing themselves in an even more in-depth way with business methodologies and working approaches that are certainly different from those of Italy. This agreement assumes the agreement established by the national committee of AIESEC Italy, determined locally by the president of Rome Tre Giulio Coppola, and the Rufa represented by its director Fabio Mongelli.

With over 70 years of history, AIESEC is recognized as the largest international network run by university students. Their activity is mainly focused on the development of youth leadership. Globally, it is present in more than 127 countries around the world and with its 70 thousand members, every day, is committed to creating opportunities for international mobility for children between 18 and 30 years, in order to make a decisive contribution to those who they are called “sustainable development goals”. An example above all: since 2015, AIESEC and the UN have collaborated to achieve the “Agenda 2030”, drawn up by the United Nations and signed by the governments of the 193 member countries.

“The structured path with AIESEC – explains RUFA director Fabio Mongelli – focuses on different aspects: strengthening internationalism is without a doubt one of them, but the opportunities for collaboration will also manifest in other areas, always taking into consideration the centrality of the students and their expectations. In order to make our members aware of all AIESEC projects and programs, information events will be organized at the RUFA offices: the Roma Tre representatives will be present at the Academy to provide information to university students wishing to expand their cognitive boundaries. The youngsters interested in living a training experience abroad and discovering new cultures will be able to put themselves to the test by joining different types of internships and traineeships. Following RUFA’s creative vocation, the student who decides to enrich his / her curriculum with an experience abroad can thus come into contact with decidedly interesting and innovative realities ».