Graphic design

RUFA and Anffas together for the society

The 2019 calendar created by young students to talk about social inclusion

The evaluations of the papers that the first year students of graphic design presented in July during the summer exam session are in progress. These are 2019 calendars in which we will talk about social inclusion, created for the association Anffas Onlus of Macerata. The two commissions, the RUFA technical one and the Anffas social one, have almost completed the difficult work of sorting the most deserving works among which the winner will be decreed. The works will find an exhibition space in the Anffas headquarters and in the locations of cultural events that will be held in the Marche city. “It is part of our course project – explains Claudia Illuzzi – and it is our pleasure to have realized it with the Anffas headquarters in Macerata because the students had the opportunity to create an artifact with a socially important message”.
Shortly the final evaluation and communication of the winning project.