Camilla Gurgone awarded with Arte in Arti e Mestieri Prize

The Arte in Arti e Mestieri Prize, now in its eighteenth edition, is an event aimed at the discovery and consecration of talents of contemporary art. The review, which started with about twenty works divided between artists in competition and students, today has more than a hundred artists and works that demonstrate the value of a veracious testimony of the constant change of languages ​​and tastes. This is a sign of the sure recognition that the initiative already enjoys. Among the selected participants were four RUFA students from the Visual Arts department: Ellen Wolf, Federica di Pietrantonio, Valentina Marino and Camilla Gurgone.
The ‘Duck’ works by Federica di Pietrantonio and ‘The great unknown (uncut)’ by Ellen Wolf are among the works reported by the jury.
Camilla Gurgone with her work ” Some clothes to read ” wins the prize of the ‘Young Artists’ section, to her the Fondazione Scuola Arti e Mestieri “F. Bertazzoni “gives the sum of 500 euros as well as giving her the chance to realize a three-week exhibition during 2019.
A beautiful recognition for the talent of our artists, to whom the compliments of the whole Academy go!