From the RUFA Contest to Digitalive: the artistic career of Francesca Cornacchini

After triumphing at the RUFA Contest, convincing his project the multifaceted Shirin Neshat, a new test awaits the student Francesca Cornacchini. The work “THE CODE” that in the last month of June has convinced critics and public will be present at the “ Romaeuropa Festival “, scheduled from 4 to 7 October, as part of the “ Digitalive ” exhibition, to be held in the cultural area of ​​the Mattatoio di Testaccio.
The participation of Cornacchini was strongly desired by the artistic direction of the same kermesse. On the occasion of the pre-summer live show, which took place at the Olympic Theater, the Romaeuropa Foundation’s referents indicated in the “THE CODE” experience the best possible representation of the event theme: black and white, understood as dilatable space that includes contemporary reality.
«THE CODE # 01 – explained the RUFA student who will soon fly to New York to meet again Shirin Neshat – is the binary translation of the English word” help “, help. The binary code is considered, in addition to the computer programming language, the language of the universe, every circumstance, mathematics, logic, material things, in short, reality itself can be translated in this way. The work measures 55 meters overall, and is turned towards the sky, that is the space. Purposely not addressed to the human species, but to the matter that makes up the life, the cosmos. THE CODE # 01 launches a utopian cosmic cry, a symbol for anyone who wants to look and maybe help us ».
The “window” that the Romaeuropa Foundation has opened on the so-called RUFA – Experience will certainly produce the desired effects, both in terms of the transmission of a new and contemporary artistic language, and from the point of view of research and innovation. A vision that RUFA fully shares.