Multimedia Arts and Design

RUFA and Romaeuropa Festival, together between education and opportunities

A collaboration that, over the years, has been able to strengthen, turning into a project and offering artistic ideas of the highest profile. RUFA and Romaeuropa Festival continue their journey, with the aim of catalyzing the attention of the students of the Academy, professionals, public opinion and professionals of the creative industry.

The Romaeuropa Festival, shows the best of contemporary artistic creation, with the ultimate goal of breaking down barriers and giving way to the cultural exchange to materialize in the sign of expression. Every year Europe, Asia, America, Oceania and Africa meet in the capital in a spectacular score made up of dance, theatre, music, cinema, visual arts and technological challenges. The sounds and artistic expressions of five continents build an intense aesthetic experience that distributes, in an articulated geography of spaces, the pleasure of the show for over two months. A vision shared by RUFA. The interest of the Rome University of Fine Arts, which makes creativity its strong point, is mainly directed towards one of the segments of the REF project: the Digitalive, curated by Federica Patti. The objective of the Academy is to enhance the latest generational trends related to new languages, training professionals who respond to the new artistic and cultural context, transmitting knowledge and specific technical skills ranging from the design of multimedia spaces to exhibition design, from audiovisual performance to interactive installations, from virtual reality to sound design. Contents perfectly aligned with the courses offered by RUFA.

In this scenario, RUFA and Romaeuropa Festival have signed a partnership that, in addition to educational and design aspects, also provides a series of benefits: from free passes to last minute tickets, to discounts on admission tickets of up to 25 percent. All information on this particular aspect will be broadcast on the social channels of the two cultural institutions.

For more information visit the Romaeuropa Festival website.