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RUFA is partner of the project “HER She Loves San Lorenzo 2018 – Winter Edition”.

“HER She Loves San Lorenzo 2018 – Winter Edition” is the second edition of the Festival of art and data of the district of San Lorenzo. It is a project dedicated to art, but especially to data culture, promoted by the research center HER – Human Ecosystems Relazioni, curated by Arianna Forte, with the artistic and scientific direction of Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico. An original and innovative project that includes among its supporting partners the Rome University of Fine Arts. All info at the link:

Is it possible to imagine works of art produced with data and artificial intelligence? This is the theme on which not only the artists who will participate in the initiative, but also the RUFA students who will feel attracted by the theme. The selected works and projects will be exhibited during “HER: She loves San Lorenzo – Winter Edition 2018”. The deadline is next November 20.

Three workshops are scheduled to take place in November. All the meetings will be held in the San Lorenzo district, the heart of art of the capital, between knowledge and knowledge. Each workshop will give life to generative works that will be exhibited during the days of the festival and attributed to the participants and the teacher. Participants will also receive a certificate of participation.

“Dati di Borgata” is the first workshop scheduled. Conceived by Salvatore Iaconesi, the appointment highlights what types of data are generated in a neighborhood like San Lorenzo, how to collect them in a collaborative and participative way, not in the mining methods currently used by the data industry.
“pOSter” is the second of the events on the calendar. The project represents an open source approach to generative graphics. Curated by Bruno Capezzuoli, founder of Ultravioletto, the comparison is an immersion in generative design, with an open source soul. The aim is to understand how to create, since the concept, a poster of generative graphics from complex data sources and take home the code developed in order to reuse it.
“VizzZzz. Data Perceptions” is the third theme. Curated by Graziano De Vecchis and Gianluca del Gobbo the initiative is the result of the collaboration with “Fotonica, Audio Video Digital Art Festival”. The workshop uses the Human Ecosystems source dedicated to the neighborhood to develop, starting from the concept, sonorizations and generative visualizations.