RUFA Pastificio Cerere. Solo Exhibition project – “From… To” exhibition

On Friday 12th April at 5.30 p.m. in the RUFA Space, Silvia Bottero will exhibit the project “From… To” dedicated to the expressive exploration of words. The exhibition will be included in the “Solo Exhibition” catalogue, curated by the students of Visual Arts.
“From… To” is an attempt to follow the course of the words, understand their meaning and go beyond the ink, beyond the sound of a voice. The artist’s intention is to give to the dialogue an importance that allows to connect the verb to the gesture from which it starts.
“In the sea of words from which we are submerged – explains the curator of the exhibition Carlotta De Martino – the goal of Silvia Bottero’s artistic action is to enhance the beauty, distinguish the different forms, give them order to get in depth. The shapes change according to the time and space in which they come, they become precious depending to the care that is given to them”.
Words speak of states of mind and according to the contexts they change meaning. The weight and lightness, spontaneity and fear of words should be tasted. “From… To” is a search of dialogue from an unknown sender to the recipient who reads. The word is an aesthetic container of meaning.