Photography and Audiovisual

“Wanderlust” e “Nervous Breakdown” – Rome Art Week at Pastificio Cerere

RUFA embraces “Rome Art Week”. Two performances took place in the setting of Pastificio Cerere, in the heart of the Sana Lorenzo district. The first, “Wanderlust”, was curated by students of visual arts and is focused on the theme of travel: the aim is to take a step and get away from your center; to discover yourself; to get out of the bubble that protects the human being. One’s home, one’s culture, one’s kitchen: everything is reassuring, but if the bubble remains closed and intact for too long the air inside tends to become toxic. The second exhibition is focused on RUFA photography students. The experience “18th Nervous Breakdown” aims to show a lacerating investigation within the self, through the use of the image in all its polyhedral forms. Both projects are part of the official program of “Rome Art Week”: an ideological path that is perfectly channeled into the RUFA academic values.