Graphic design

RUFA: meeting with the writer Federico Pace

“Controvento”: to look for new solutions, to escape from normality or, more simply, to feel free, in tune with your soul. But “Controvento” is also the title of the last book by Federico Pace that on Wednesday 30th January at 5.30 p.m., in the unified classrooms of via Lariana 8, will be present in RUFA.
The initiative, wanted by the Graphic design teacher Guido Lombardo, aims to address the theme of travel: it is the same topic placed at the center of the educational activities of the second year with the students of Design Methodology.
“Travelling – explains the author – does not only mean crossing the secret heart of the continents. Travelling is also the exit from childhood, the beginning of a friendship, the breaking of a bond that we believed could never end. Because it is when we go elsewhere that important things begin to happen, when life puts us to the test and reveals a part of us that we did not know before”.
Travel, as a way of being, is a concept that aligns perfectly with the sense of discovery that RUFA students pursue in their academic journey. Research and design become, from this point of view, the goal to be reached, the perfect place to place one’s being an artist. The meeting with Federico Pace is therefore a sort of ideal point of contact from which to draw inspiration and new suggestions.