RUFA, cultural partner of the short film “Yousef” in competition at David di Donatello

A hope generated by commitment and immense passion for cinema. Mohamed Hossameldin is not only, like many others, the result of the academic genesis of RUFA, but he is above all the director of “Yousef”, a short film included in the five finalists at David di Donatello. An unexpected and extraordinarily intense work that in 2018 was also awarded the “Migrarti” competition by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities.

A sharp and poignant work in which is narrated a very significant part of the life of Yousef, successful chef and son of immigrants, but grown up in Italy. After a very long wait and so much effort he manages to obtain the citizenship of the country that welcomed him. The story is inserted a few days after the attack in Macerata. On February 3 last year, from a car in transit in the center of the Marche region, a few gunshots were fired: six people were injured, all of sub-Saharan origin, from 20 to 32 years old. But one event upsets Yousef: his certainties shake to the point of leading him to a real identity crisis, especially when he is faced with a choice that, until shortly before, would have been obvious.

The rest is pure reflection. “Yousef” is written by Mohamed Hossameldin and Saverio Pesapane, director and producer of the project respectively. The film is produced by Premiere Film and Smile Vision, with Daniele Ciprì director of photography, editing by Miriam Palmarella, music by Federico Landini and stage photographs by Giovanni Stella.

Mohamed, Giovanni and Miriam shared their years in RUFA to continue together in the world of cinema. While waiting for David di Donatello, the film also participates in the International Festival of Clermont-Ferrand: the only production to represent Italy.