RUFA students have until April 27 to participate in Air Land 2.0

Air Land 2.0 is the competition dedicated to RUFA students, realized by the association “Quasi Quadro”, in collaboration with GTT-Turin Transport Group and the Festival Fo.To – Fotografi a Torino and with the patronage of the City of Turin, Piedmont Region and Turin Chamber of Commerce. The competition – and this is the added value of the project – will be held on the Sassi-Superga tramway, better known in the collective imagination as “dentera”.
Each artist can participate with one or more works, published or unpublished, which must not be sent materially but only a photographic reproduction. The association will print them on a light and resistant support that will be exhibited inside the ancient cars that connect the capital of Piedmont with the hill of Superga.
The artists who pass the first phase of selection will be included in the gallery of the website of the association “Quasi Quadro”, while the eight finalists, for the first time, will exhibit on the “dentera”. The first classified will also have a solo exhibition curated by “Quasi Quadro” during the period of “Artissima 2019”. The deadline for entries is 13 May 2019. Regulations and registration: