Photography and Audiovisual

From theory to practice while walking in the eternal city

The journey continues in the footprints that contemporaneity leaves in Rome. RUFA lecturer Gian Luca Gentili has re-proposed, with a new itinerary and above all with new meetings, his “en plein air” lessons to rediscover the modernity expressed by the Capital in design and architecture.

Specifically, it is an itinerary that tries to translate the theoretical contents with the practical ones. The protagonists, of course, are RUFA students of the second year of design who can get in touch with the owners of businesses that, on the redevelopment and functional beauty, rest on most of their business.
The students of the Academy can thus give a more realistic sense to the relationship idea – project – realization, determining the modern and captivating style that Rome expresses in its most intimate soul, in search of those places that escape fashion, in the sign of quality and, of course, originality.

Interior designer Gian Luca Gentili, from this point of view, “likes to win easy”: the direct knowledge of the activities, taken care of in the installations by professionals, has greatly simplified things.
From via Gallia (TBSP – The Barbecue Smoke Projects) to piazza dell’Unità (Grammo Food Store), from via Germanico (Bottega Sana) to via Federico Cesi (Solo Crudo). Not to mention the Mattatoio facilities and David LaChapelle’s staff on display at the Mucciaccia Gallery. The iconic master of photography was the “special star” of the 2019 edition of the RUFA Contest.