Cinema and Photography

VerticalMovie, the deadline for the call for proposals is 10 September.

VerticalMovie Festival is a competition aimed at discovering new talents in screenwriting, directing and photography to be held at MACRO ASILO from 10 to 12 October.. Participants are asked to tell short audiovisual stories with exclusively vertical video footage: the typical format of the smartphone.

The VerticalMovie Festival aims to define and legitimize what has become a widespread mode of expression.

RUFA students who wish to participate in the project are asked to tell short stories using the vertical shooting mode, according to the following resolutions: 1) 1080×1920 px, 2) 2160×3840 px, 3) 2160×4096 px. The file must be encoded in H264 and the container format must be MP4. Audiovisual media shall have a maximum duration of ten minutes.

The final date for delivery of the audio-visual equipment is 10 September 2019. All information on the site VerticalMovie.

The awards of the competition

Userfarm (VerticalOpen) € 4,000.00

Open Theme Section (open to all).
VerticalWoman € 2,000.00

Section dedicated to women (as authors, directors and as a theme) The VerticalWoman section is attended by all those vertical film works whose authors, screenwriters and directors are women. In addition, the topics covered must have a strong feminine outlook, while retaining within them roles and characters of a heterogeneous genre.
VerticalSmart € 2,000.00

Section dedicated to videos shot exclusively with your smartphone.
VerticalCare € 2,000.00

Section dedicated to social and voluntary work. Stories and faces of a world that stretches out its hand towards others, committing itself to build with small and large gestures the common good. Of which € 1,000.00 to be allocated to a social organization identified by the winner.