COVID-19: organization of the curricular and extracurricular activities

DOWNLOAD THE COVID-19 EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT GUIDELINESDOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS FOR CONTAGION CONTAINMENTRUFA TASK FORCE MEASURES COVID-19 MUR FAQSchool of Cinema BA and MA short films shooting guidelinesSCHOOL OF PHOTOGRAPHY DARKROOM USAGE GUIDELINES From September 2020, in compliance with the national regulations, RUFA will adopt the organizational process imposed for Phase 3 for Art Higher Education Institutions and… Find out more

Quarta edizione Oggetto Libro - News
La posizione in cui dormono le api - Lancio mostra - web 1440x600
News - Film Dark Rome di Andrès Zabala
Simulacri - Immagine evento
Swawe – students workshop activities week
RUFA e Maiani insieme nel segno dell’immagine_News


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