Graphic design

The selection work for the Tipografare calendar continues

In view of the final definition of the project, the process of approaching the creation of the company’s 2020 calendar continues, which will be focused on the ideas generated by RUFA students of Graphic design, led, for the occasion, by the lecturer Claudia Iluzzi.

In response to the call, which was launched in recent months, 13 were the finalist projects. The evaluation committee, made up of Illuzzi itself, lecturers Tommaso Salvatori and Claudio Spuri, indicated the projects considered the most suitable and performing: “LibertĂ  di stampa” by Caterina Tahan; “Stampasia” by Fabio La Gattuta, Gabriele Minotti and Gaia Formigari; “Stampa e carattere” by Sara Corona and Sara Stipcevich.

The same commission, finally, wanted to point out the excellent work done by the students Giuseppe Accrogliano, Raffaello borrelli, Stefano Catino, Sara Bonini, Claudio Antonangeli, Loris Cometa, Laura Ferrucci, Alice Oieni, Giulia Gatta, Roberto Muto, Valeria Gionfra, Virginia Granata, Valentina Guarda, Isabella Immediato, Beatrice Greco, Alessio Gennaro, Leonardo Iaia, Francesco Paolo Incantalupo, Edoardo Nardi, Valerio Teti, Giulia Del Vecchio e Rachele Sdoga.