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Contest “Cadeau Lazio Diplomatico” for proposals to conceive a gift to be offered on the occasion of institutional visits

The Lazio Region, in the context of its internationalisation activities, is increasingly carrying out activities of external value. Within the framework of these initiatives, it is necessary to provide for gifts – significant for the cultural and territorial specificities of the region – that can be used on the occasion of institutional meetings. To this end, the selection of creative and innovative projects has been started for the conception of an institutional cadeau representing the Lazio Region, its cultural, landscape and historical characteristics. The regional administration, with the collaboration of Lazio Innova, promotes for this purpose the contest “Lazio Diplomatico”, a project aimed at the creation of an institutional cadeau of the Lazio Region to be offered to foreign guests visiting with diplomatic-economic delegations and to be brought as a tribute on the occasion of regional institutional visits abroad, diplomatic missions, fairs and international events.

The call is addressed to: makers (inventors, craftsmen, artists), professionals from the creative industries, students of design schools and art schools, universities and design, art academies. It is possible to participate in the contest as a single participant or as an associated participant and participants may apply individually or as team leaders of a group. In order to perfect their projects, participants can also use the FabLab of the Lazio Region (offices in Rome, Bracciano, Viterbo, Latina, Rieti, Ferentino, Zagarolo) and the relevant technologies for prototyping their design idea.

The call for proposals includes both the “Lazio Diplomatico” prize, which consists of 3,000 euros for the project that won the contest, and the “Scuole di Design del Lazio” prize reserved for the School of Design, which will stand out for the creativity and originality of the project submitted by a team or a class of students from the school, even if it is not the winner of the contest, for the realization of the cadeau. The winning institute will be entitled to a prize of 3,000 euros awarded to the class/group of students involved in the realization of the project. Participants will be able to describe the project through: graphic works, multimedia documentation (slides/animations/short videos); models and prototypes. All the necessary information and documentation are published on the Lazio Innova website of the Lazione Region. The deadline is 30 November.