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RUFA supports the “TRAMANDARE. Lessico, sentimenti, valori per la città”.

Thursday, September 12, starting at 6:30 pm, in the spaces of industrial archaeology of India Estate, which are located in the Capital, will be held the exhibition of eight unpublished illustrations by Francesco Poroli. This is a project curated by “Cosa Vedere a Roma” and supported by RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts and Page Service.

Francesco Poroli, born in 1975, is an illustrator and art director. His works have been published in newspapers such as The New York Times Magazine, Wired, GQ, Il Sole24 Ore, La Repubblica and Style Corriere della Sera. He has also developed projects for Adidas, NBA, Red Bull, McDonald’s, Unicredit and many others. In 2017 he published “Like Kobe – The Mamba explained to my children”.

The proposed exhibition aims to explore the role of man in the settlement fabric of contemporary cities. Through eight key concepts – Vision, Complicity, Dialogue, Sharing, Love, Care, Balance, Solidarity – Francesco Poroli communicates his vision of the relationship between man and city. In a historical moment full of changes and criticalities, the only way to build a harmonious relationship between man and the urban context is through the ability to predict changes and the need to generate a productive and mutual exchange between the two entities, in which man cultivates and takes care of the built space in order to establish with it a bond based on harmony and balance, as a sum of actions. Handing down these values to future generations, building a new vocabulary so that cultural heritage can be known and maintained, is the greatest act of love and protection that society can do. An initiative that aligns perfectly with the academic canons of the course in Comics and illustration to tell your emotions in sign.

“TRAMANDARE. Lessico, sentimenti, valori per la città” is organized by “Cosa Vedere a Roma” and aims to be the complete guide to the cultural places of Rome. The initiative, born in 2018, aims to enhance the heritage: not only the famous and popular, but also and above all the lesser known. The exhibition is free, from 18.30 until late in the evening.

THURSDAY, September 12 – at 18:30 – India Estate – Lungotevere Vittorio Gassman, 1, 00146 Roma RM

For information and contacts visit the site Cosa Vedere a Roma.