RUFA, the lecturer Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi in St. Petersburg

An intercultural bridge between Rome and St. Petersburg. A path made possible thanks to the activities of artistic enhancement that the Italian Consulate in Russia has already started some time ago. On October 16, RUFA lecturer Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi will go to the city founded by Tsar Peter the Great to discuss the relationship between design and aesthetics. Title of the event “Learning from the Italian design”. The experience, aimed at increasing the international vision of RUFA, will also be attended by the head of the orientation and international recruitment René Angeramo.

“Italian design – says Prestinenza Puglisi – has always had important awards. It has been able to give shape to new ways of life while maintaining, at the same time, intense connections with art but also with fashion and good taste. The meeting will try to briefly retrace these aspects, focusing on recent trends; it will try to identify in the sense of measure, space and materials, as well as in the refusal to separate the design of design objects from architectural design, the main characteristics that distinguish Italian design. And he will verify how these characteristics, in the present, have evolved towards products sensitive to ecological research and also to the demand for play, sensuality, perceptual well-being. An attitude, a direction that is now part of RUFA educational project, aimed more and more at internationalization.

Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi was born in Catania in 1956, he is an architecture critic and director of the online magazine “presS/Tletter”. He is also president of the Italian Association of Architecture and Criticism (www.architetturaecritica.it) and was the curator of the series ItaliArchitettura (Utet Scienze Tecniche). He has published numerous books, which can now be consulted on his personal website.

René Angeramo is a psychologist of work and organizations; he has specialized in human resources and professional scholastic orientation. He has been working in the field of orientation for over 10 years. He is a speaker and author of publications on the role of decision-making in universities. He strongly supports the image of Rome and the role of Made in Italy in contemporary society. Every year it promotes RUFA in Italy and abroad, with more than 100 presentations in high schools and orientation events.