Honorable Mention for ex-student RUFA Antony Pepe

From Italy to New York via RUFA. Antony Pepe, after graduating in our academy at the Bachelor course in Cinema, was awarded the “Honorable Mention 2019” by the International Photography Awards. It is one of the most prestigious worldwide awards in this very particular field. The shot that convinced the jury is called “Cava” and portrays a married couple lying in the red earth of a bauxite quarry in Otranto, Puglia.

“With photography – explained Pepe – a moment relives infinitely. With love that instant can be replicated when you want. The awarding of this prize allows me to say thank you to those who allowed me to tell that moment, giving me the opportunity to grow. I was very fascinated by the color red and I imagined the newlyweds at the center of the world, so the idea of making them lie on the ground. My passion for photography comes from the desire to tell new emotions. The participation in the contest was desired: every year there are many photographers who send their work to be judged and evaluated. Specifically, I received both the honorable mention and the most specific for the wedding.”

Today Antony Pepe is an appreciated professional. He opened his own studio and works in Capurso in the province of Bari, thus remaining attached to his homeland, restoring the most authentic meaning of the term “glocal”: ready to move around the world, loving and respecting their origin.