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The works of Amedeo Longo within the Rome Art Week

The works of Amedeo Longo within the Rome Art Week
To build a network between exhibition structures, artists, critics, curators, scholars, collectors and enthusiasts. This is the objective of Rome Art Week: a calendar of activities aimed at generating a broad and diversified overview of the proposal of contemporary art in Rome, through events in exhibition spaces, open studios and cultural projects completely free of charge.
The fourth edition of RAW will take place from 21 to 25 October. The website allows you to be always up to date on the different initiatives collecting all the nuances of communication potential.

RUFA, in this sense, renews the commitment that has already manifested itself in past years by creating an exhibition ad hoc in RUFA Space, in via degli Ausoni 7, in the heart of the San Lorenzo district, a contemporary and expressive outpost of the capital.

The installation, realized by Amedeo Longo, entitled “D’armi e di imprese”, wants to represent the visual arts as exorcism, defuse. The aim of the young artist is to give form and substance to works that show an intimate relationship with fears, discomforts and tremors that from inexperience lead to illusions and disillusionment, even aesthetics. They are works that expand with a social and current value, showing mental cages and efforts of rebirth. Amedeo Longo builds weapons that he then defuses. The danger for the safety of himself and others is bravely faced, scanned, shared and handled. Epicity is also rethought with irony and courage becomes the courage to speak, the questioning. The panorama is varied: a cancer cell is seen as a curious and unusual stuffed animal; the sword in the rock takes on unexpected ironic values; a bomb flies near the sky to release sweetness. It retraces the path that Amedeo Longo has taken inside RUFA, but also his thoughts.

The experience generated for the Rome Art Week is part of the wider project “Solo Exhibition”, strongly supported by the visual arts teachers Emiliano Coletta, Fabrizio Pizzuto and Fabrizio Dell’Arno. A challenge for the students of the three years of Painting and Sculpture, to allow them to make a first constructive and real exercise of what it means to exhibit one or more works in a given space, analyzing all the details, starting from the curatorship entrusted to the student Carlotta De Martino.

The finissagge of the exhibition will be held at RUFA Space, via degli Ausoni 7, on 25 October from 6 pm.