RUFA supports the Miur on the subject of environmental protection

RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts supports the Ministry of Education, University and Research for the protection of the planet. The adoption of “green oriented” policies represents, according to Minister Lorenzo Fioramonti, “the great challenge of the present to create a fairer world”.

«Science – said the same minister who addressed the issue of climate issues – gave us a clear message, but miserably unheard. To achieve this change, education and research are essential because they allow us to question the assumptions of contemporary society and our prejudices, giving us new conceptual categories for an impetus of creativity and innovation. A sustainable economy can only be a knowledge-based economy. On this path we must all hold hands, working as a great natural ecosystem. Each of us, beyond our political and administrative weight, has the opportunity to do something, not to give in to the inevitable. I invite RUFA, as well as the other cultural institutions, to present the 17 objectives of sustainable development of the United Nations, so that everyone can see them and remember the challenge that awaits us. Let us ensure that institutions become “plastic – free”, use renewable energy, implement separate collection, composting and other measures of the circular economy. Let’s tell this to the local communities. We do an energy balance of our buildings to reduce the cost and demonstrate that technology can be a great lever for change. We use financial resources to apply for services from certified sustainable companies. And that every canteen becomes an example of local, organic and sustainable food».