Sculpture and Installations

Atlante of Davide Dormino along the via Francigena

The “Three Gates of IN-Perfection” project will be inaugurated on 12 October at 11 a.m., in the Parco di Veio, a collective “land art” intervention by Angelo Cricchi involving three internationally renowned artists: Giancarlo Neri, Goldschmied & Chiari and the RUFA lecturer Davide Dormino.

The result of intense documentation work, “Three Gates of IN-Perfection” was awarded first prize in the “Arte sui Cammini” competition promoted by the Lazio Region, with the aim of creating and installing works of contemporary art along the paths of spirituality that cross its territory.

“Atlante” by Davide Dormino, “Dialogo infinito” by Giancarlo Neri and “Connessione” by Goldschmied & Chiari are the three site-specific works located along the Via Francigena in the Parco Di Veio, in that fraction of the route that, starting from the Sanctuary of the Madonna Sorbo, goes along the path that leads to Formello and Campagnano di Roma.

Made of different materials (marble, iron, wood) the works invite the viewer to reflect and open up to confrontation: with the place first to rediscover the genius loci, with the other by himself opening the door of dialogue, with the infinite to find the inner dimension of the path. Three works that represent three different stages of spiritual elevation in an ideal path that wants to be, at the same time, small-scale simulation of the path of a life. Free from any influence, the artists confronted and helped each other during the phases of design and conception, showing a singular coincidence of inspirations and were able to choose the points of intervention most congenial to their work.