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Are you getting lost? The exhibition of Alberto Torzini

New appointment with “Solo Exhibition”: from 28 November to 2 December Alberto Torzini, RUFA student of Painting, will exhibit “Are you getting lost?” at the RUFA Space, in via degli Ausoni 7, in the heart of the San Lorenzo district in Rome.

The artist’s work opens up to a dense reflection on the relationship between man and nature: the seconds of silence that follow the question are the measure of a distance. We move along a well-defined path that allows the user to feel the passages of that distance, of something that may have been lost, but not entirely. The artist’s works shout, more or less literally, a hope that despite appearances, still clings tenaciously to the present.

“Are you losing yourself?” has in itself a visceral link with our origins: try to bring it back to light, fight. We discover it in the “symbiosis” that Torzini creates and for which he dreams. We perceive the delicate and soft hand of the artist to assemble matter and flesh. Barks that become skin, roots that are bones: we feel them change in us as we see them before our eyes. Perhaps we can imagine ancient civilizations, worlds that never existed, but live thanks to the works that clearly testify to their pre-existence.

The exhibition will open on 28 November at 18.00.

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