Computer Animation and Visual Effects

Scott Albert is coming to RUFA

Training professionals in the world of animation and special effects: a sector in constant growth, both in terms of aspects related to human capital, both for the ability to work in every corner of the world. Computer animation and visual effects is the subject of the master program dedicated to students who want to shape their own traits and techniques with the aim of telling stories in an innovative and contemporary way.
In this perspective, the masterclass with Scott Albert will be held on Monday, December 16. The meeting, curated by the lecturer Pietro Ciccotti, aims to provide participants with the tools they need to acquire artistic and technical skills capable of distinguishing and establishing themselves.

Scott Albert is an award-winning writer and creative. His main works include the iconic Canadian comic series “The red green show” and the novel “Below the line”. He has collaborated with many television stations, such as the Canadian CTV. His superhero comedy “Tights and fights” was one of the first recipients of the Ontario IPF Digital series fund. He has also written for many North American series such as “Paw Patrol”. He divides his time between Toronto and Los Angeles and is definitely obsessed with travel. He has long focused his profession on teaching writing. It is in this scenario that his presence at the main international workshops represents an added value for those who have the opportunity to meet and listen to him.