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A talk with Caterina Niccolai – Photos and video

There are many fundamental questions that each of us raises when it comes to copyright. What does copyright protect? How can I protect my works? Can I use a copyrighted work without infringement?

The talk “Copyright in the audiovisual field” held on Wednesday 11 December at Via Taro 14, with the participation of Caterina Niccolai, explained the legal aspects in the audiovisual sector that are often underestimated.

The meeting was proposed and curated by the teacher Elisabetta Villaggio and addressed to all RUFA students, in particular recommended for those who are called to deal with the applications of the subject such as cinema, photography and graphic design. The talk offered the essential elements and knowledge for anyone who wants to work in the audiovisual sector, both from the authors’ and the production side.

Un talk con Caterina Niccolai