Set Design

Francesco Filosa, set designer for “Stasera felicità” on air on Sky Uno

From RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts – to Sky Uno. Francesco Filosa, a graduate student in RUFA in Set Design, will curate the outdoor sets of “Stasera felicità” conducted by Alessandro Siani, a one-man show exclusively on Sky Uno. The show will be on air at Christmas.

The show will propose a transversal formula, a combination of cinema and TV, tailor-made for the explosive verve of the Neapolitan actor, blockbuster at the box office.

In the studio the homage to “The Truman Show” with the set design by Marco Calzavara (with whom Francesco Filosa collaborates for many projects), while the outdoor sketches, built as real short films (director of photography Michele D’Attanasio) will enliven the variety between irreverence and profundity, typical of Alessandro Siani.

The sets of the short films signed by Francesco Filosa, originally from the Sorrento Peninsula, are calibrated on the dynamism of the television program and the participation of great guests, for an innovative evening event full of Christmas magic.

“I am happy and honoured – comments Francesco Filosa – to take care of the outdoor sets of “Stasera felicità” for a prestigious platform like Sky and with great professionals including the extraordinary Alessandro Siani, who is from Campania like me”.

In Francesco Filosa’s team, Ludovica Muraca, about to graduate, and Susanna Caccioppo, both RUFA students, worked as assistants.

Francesco Filosa, after graduating cum laude from RUFA in 2017 with a documentary thesis and his own project on the Sanremo Festival, started working collaborations with Stefania Conti’s studio, with Castelli’s studio, with production companies including Magnolia and Endemol and he co-founded in Rome the production company Threeab formed entirely by former RUFA students.

He recently signed the scenography of the XIII International Conference of Ambassadors and Ambassadors of Italy in the world at the Auditorium Parco della Musica for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has also been assistant set designer for numerous television programs, including the 62nd edition of the Zecchino d’Oro, Guess My Age and Miss Italia 2019.