Multimedia Arts and Design

A multimedia visual signed RUFA accompanied the dj set of Skin

An unforgettable night at the Circo Massimo. For Daniele Falchi, Elisa Quadrini, Silvia Parolini, Consuelo Donati, Mirko Pelliccia, Sabrina Coppola, Simone Tecchia, Maria Gavrilova, Tajana Gavric and Elisa Pelliccioni the New year started in the best possibile way! They are RUFA students – first year of the master’s degree in Multimedia arts and design – Virtual Reality – who created the visual of the dj set of the Skin concert held at the Circo Massimo in Rome.

RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts and Teatro di Roma, on the occasion of New Year’s Eve, gave shape and substance to a deal that experienced its highest moment during the British rock star’s performance, emphasizing with images its musical nuances.

The audiovisual project, realized with the coordination of the lecturers Daniele Spanò and Caterina Tomeo, allowed RUFA students to confront themselves with an artist of the highest level, giving maximum implementation to the concept of experimentation. Everything was focused on the theme of nature and the elements that make it up. The moving visual of the dj set of Skin, projected during the live show on two big videowalls and inspired by the world around man, excited the audience. The goal was achieved: RUFA students were able to create a moment of great impact, accompanying the sound of the artist. A significant professional step for their future.