Fine Arts


A call for artists for the Pionirsky dom Cultural Centre in Slovenia

The Pionirsky dom Cultural Centre, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, has launched a call dedicated to artists between 25 and 30 years of age with the purpose of giving shape and substance to actions of urban regeneration in the wake of contemporary times.

Founded in 1963, as a public institution, the Centre has acquired a growing importance becoming, in this short period of time, a point of reference in the Fine Arts sector and, above all, in the process of enhancement of those who express themselves in figurative art.

The call, specifically, is addressed to the realization of works to be exhibited outdoors, as part of the “LIKfest”, already scheduled between 18th and 21st May 2020, using the different languages of art. The aim of the festival is to promote creativity, especially in children.

The artists selected for the final phase of the contest will also participate in the organization of the final event. The works will be exhibited in the open-air spaces of Pionirski dom and then placed on display in the Garage House Gallery in the Slovenian capital.

All modalities of participation are described on the website www.pionirski-dom. The deadline for the submission of applications is next 15th January. The selection of works of art by the team responsible for this purpose will take place by 30th January, while the announcement of the winning projects will be made on 1st February 2020.