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For RUFA students the talk “Le strutture del racconto”

“Le strutture del racconto” is the title of the talk that will take place on Wednesday, January 22, from 10 am in RUFA Aula Magna, Via Taro. The meeting, curated by teacher Fabrizio Verrocchi, is addressed to all students, but is particularly recommended for those who attend courses in Cinema, Graphic design, Graphic deign – Comics & illustration, Design for humans. The communication expert Giovanni Masi will be attending.

Graduated in Communication Sciences, Giovanni Masi is a subjectivist and screenwriter. In the audiovisual field he has also worked as a story-editor and production assistant. He has collaborated with Rainbow, Red Whale, Cinecittà, RAI Fiction, Giochi Preziosi, Lucky Red. Author for Bonelli Entertainment/Sergio Bonelli Editore, he is currently working on the live action feature film “Dampyr” and the animated series “Dragonero Adventures”. For SBE he has also made, with Mauro Uzzeo, the series “Il Confine”, as well as some screenplays for “Dylan Dog” and “Orfani”. The list of publications is wide and varied: “Frantumi” for BAO Publishing, the comic adaptation of the novels “Il Ritratto di Dorian Gray”, “Cuore di Tenebra” and “Alle Montagne della Follia” for Star Comics Edizioni. For Kappa Edizioni he wrote “The Story of Sayo”, with drawings by Yoshiko Watanabe. This last volume has been translated in France by Dargaud publishing house.

The talk assumes that telling is not only an art, but also a need, a hallmark of humanity. But that’s not all. The speaker will explore the concept of storytelling and how it has evolved and changed over time.

Registration will open on Monday 7 January and close on Tuesday 21 January. All the info in the didactic secretariat.