European Biennial of Contemporary Art

Galerie Daniel Vignal invites RUFA students to participate in the European Biennial of Contemporary Art, which will be held between May and June 2020 in Vabre, France.

The gallery involves the audience of the Region and enlightened amateurs, offering an anthology of art that is generally abstract, created by both local artists and artists from all over the world.

To participate in the contest, each student must register through the website by February 28th and submit their work which must be made on paper, cardboard, or canvas and respect the dimensions indicated in the call for applications.

The work of art of the winner selected by the jury will be purchased by the gallery for € 500.00, while the work of art selected by the audience will be purchased for € 200.00. The winner of the jury prize will have the Gallery at his/her disposal to hold an exhibition.

The participation fee is of € 20.00 and students can register through the Gallery website.