RUFA, the courses for the “Alternanza Scuola – Lavoro” projects are now underway

As part of the “Alternanza Scuola – Lavoro” courses, meetings continue, at the RUFA Pastificio Cerere headquarters in the heart of the San Lorenzo district, with high school students, who want to get in touch with the career opportunities that the Academy of Fine Arts is able to facilitate and encourage.

From Monday, February 24th, in what is one of the most appreciated cultural hubs of the capital, students from the artistic high schools “Argan” and “Sant’Orsola” will be welcomed. The project, called “PCTO – Pathways for transversal skills and orientation”, aims to be effective on the basis of the obligation of higher education institutions to activate vocational training experiences within the last three years of education. In addition to working relationships, the schools ask the Academies, Universities and accredited bodies to carry out activities that serve both as orientation and as a point of contact with what the future may hold, and as a cognitive deepening.

Specifically, RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts has scheduled some courses lasting about 25/30 hours, to be held over a week, for third, fourth and fifth classes.

The “Argan” and “Sant’Orsola” high schools, in particular, will follow the courses of 3D Modeling and Digital Prototyping, supervised by professor Giorgio Marcatili.