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PLAYING WITH DESIGN: Emanuele Cappelli at Palazzo delle Esposizioni.

A talk with the Olivetti Foundation. An appointment not to be missed on March 5, 2020 at 6 pm.

Teaching, growing and training generations of students is an activity that requires an open eye on the contamination of the future and the recovery of past values.

The PLAYING WITH DESIGN talk event, an interactive meeting between the Adriano Olivetti Foundation and Cappelli Identity Design, the design and brand identity studio of our professor of Graphic design and Artistic Director Emanuele Cappelli, will be happily incorporated into this confluence of cultural strands.

The talk will take place inside the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, inaugurating a new, very stimulating primacy: contemporary design crosses the doors of the Italian museum, bringing the history of the sign where the story of the past reigns and the dream of the future.

PLAYING WITH DESIGN is the exact expression of the flow of the moment in terms of creativity and communication: combining different knowledge within an organic narrative, which knows how to entertain the audience in a physical, three-dimensional, living way.

The occasion at the centre of this talk with our Emanuele Cappelli is of great importance for both the world of communication and design: the Adriano Olivetti Foundation, in the person of Beniamino de’ Liguori Carino, secretary general of the Foundation and vice-president of the Olivetti Historical Archives Association, will take inspiration from the talk to present to the press and the public his new visual identity of the Foundation, designed by Emanuele Cappelli, who has been curating all the editions of the Olivetti Design Contest since 2015.

RUFA is proud to have Emanuele Cappelli in its ranks: his connection with the Olivetti Foundation is the result of an exchange that brings wealth and growth to our Academy.