Photography and Audiovisual

MIND M(U)P – RUFA story of Garbatella – Photos and video

Never before now, for RUFA, is a period of great growth and creative fervor thanks to the birth of multidisciplinary collectives such as the collettivoFareCose, composed by students of the School of Cinema and Photography: Sonia Bouslama, Cristina Cannistraci, Daniele Cimaglia, Niccolò Consolo, Cristina De Rosa, Claudia Frisardi, Ida Indaco, Davide Magdalone, Noemi Montaleone, Asia Pierotti, Riccardo Pisetti, Chiara Rossi, Nicola Russo, Fabiana Scattarreggia, coordinated by the students of the 3rd year Amparo Lavezzo and Rachele Alessandrelli.

The students, on February 27th, 2020, at 6:00 p.m., gave life to an exhibition called “GARBATELLA MIND M(U)P” which consists of a participatory photo installation, which aims to provide a mental representation of the map of the Garbatella district. The work is based on the union of human and subjective experiences, not focusing on geographical abstraction with squares and borders, with the aim of returning the chaotic daily interaction.

RUFA thus celebrates one hundred years of Garbatella, the historic district of the Capital.

The exhibition held at the Ater space in Via Percoto 6, is open until March 6th, from 3 pm to 7 pm. The finissage will take place on March 5th at 5.00 pm.

MIND M(U)P: il racconto RUFA della Garbatella


Foto: Amparo Lavezzo, Rachele Alessandrelli, Nicola Russo, Daniele Cimaglia e Claudia Frisardi.