RUFA: per il progetto “Terre di Cinema” l’inquadramento è quello del workshop

The 2020 edition of “Terre di Cinema” will be held from 9 to 20 September, in the beautiful Catania. It is a project that has been going on continuously since 2011 with the aim of welcoming about thirty filmmakers from all over the world and giving shape and substance to a comparison and an intense program of training activities, so as to make a series of short films strictly in 35mm Kodak film.

As already happened in the past, RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts has decided to marry this incredible experience: there will be 5 students who, under the guidance of lecturers Livia Barbieri and Lorenzo d’Amico De Carvalho, will be selected between the third year of Cinema and the two years of the Master of Film Arts. The cost of participation will be guaranteed by the Academy, while the students will be responsible for board, lodging and travel expenses.

The activity, which will be framed as a workshop, will allow aspiring directors to plan the shots, choose the locations, the actors and finally move on to the making of a film. “Terre di Cinema” is useful not only from an artistic point of view, but also to get in touch with all the problems related to the production of a film. There is only one limit: to respect the constraint of 5 minutes of editing, corresponding to 12 hours of shooting and 3 pizzas of film. The official language of the sets, so as to confirm the international vocation of the contest, is English. By working in this sense, the organizational and visual thinking skills of the students will develop and they will have to interact with the work needs that best connect to the world of professions. All the information on the Terre di Cinema website.