The closure of the schools is the exclusive responsibility of the Regions and Local Authorities: it involves the prohibition of access to the premises for all staff and students. Absences do not have to be justified, do not involve financial reduction or requests for recovery.
The suspension of teaching activities entails the interruption of lessons only: the schools remain open and the services provided by the secretarial offices continue to be provided

Absences during periods of forced suspension of teaching activities will not be counted towards the validity of the academic year. It is however valid, even if the minimum of 200 days is not reached, as it would be a situation due to force majeure.
According to the provisions of the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 8 March 2020, for the duration of the suspension, the Executives shall activate distance teaching methods, with particular attention to the specific needs of students with disabilities.
The Ministry of University and Research, from this point of view, has integrated the offer of tools, communities, chats and virtual classes with a platform entirely dedicated to distance learning, to ensure that all schools that request them can have free tools and means guaranteeing the right to study for all.

RUFA offices will be closed until 3 April 2020. All offices will continue to serve remotely, including the student secretariat which can be contacted by email. The guidance and counselling service will also take place online. The library, workshops, student classrooms, catering service and relaxation areas will remain closed as long as this legal requirement remains in force.

No. The short film falls within the discipline of the exercises, which are also suspended. If you have already physically picked up the equipment from the cinema service, send them an email so that they can agree on the return of the equipment in the manner prescribed by the regulations governing access to the Academy.

No. According to the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 8 March 2020 no student can have access to the Academy.

No. RUFA Space can’t be attended by students either. Once this emergency phase has been completed, the training collateral activities will be rescheduled.

Contact the secretariat by email and the staff will answer all your requests.

On the site you can find the e-mails of all RUFA teachers. In case you do not receive an answer, please contact the student secretariat.

All information on the use of e-learning platforms will be published on the site, and sent by email to students.

The distance learning activities of the Academy will begin on Monday, March 16. On the site, you will find the list of courses available online, based on the timetable currently in force. Simply click on the link of the course to follow to virtually enter the classroom, on the same days and at the same hours as before, and “meet” both the teacher and the course colleagues.

A number of measures are being considered to address these needs as well. It is worth pointing out, in fact, that the Academy has revolutionized teaching methods, in the awareness that some lessons are more focused on practice and less on theory. The current situation is to be considered exceptional and temporary: RUFA will therefore soon return to being the School of Doing. But every action is anticipated by thought, so, at least at this stage, even the practical concepts could be verbalized, changing if necessary the programs and the way of learning structured so far.

No. Internship activities at external host companies/entities are temporarily suspended in order to prevent any form of contagion.

For Erasmus+ mobility of outgoing students and staff, the principle of “force majeure” can be applied: Erasmus+ activities can be cancelled, suspended or postponed.The National Agency may be requested to apply the “force majeure” clause allowing the suspension, cancellation or postponement of planned or ongoing Erasmus activities.
RUFA shall comply with the legal provisions currently in force:
– travel to return to your country of origin is allowed;
– no new Erasmus+ mobility outgoing or incoming to Italy is allowed.
Follow the updates of Agenzia Erasmus+ Indire.

RUFA provides you with all possible support and invites you:
– to get in touch with your home institution and your embassy or consulate (download the list of embassies in Rome);
– to consult the instructions provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation on this page which also includes a FAQ section in English, German, French and Spanish.

Whoever enters Italy, by plane, train, sea or road, even in the absence of symptoms, is obliged to immediately notify the Prevention Department of the local health authority responsible for the territory. The person in question is subject to health surveillance and fiduciary isolation for 14 days.

No. The Dpcm issued on 22 March, the joint order of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Interior prohibit all people from moving or moving by public or private transport to a municipality other than the one in which they are located, except for proven work needs, absolute urgency or for health reasons. If only one of these possibilities occurs, it is necessary: 1) to proceed with self-reporting to the Prevention Department of the health company competent for the territory as well as to one’s general practitioner; 2) to remain in trust isolation for 14 days without further movements or trips, remaining reachable for any possible surveillance activity.
In the event of the appearance of symptoms, it is mandatory to contact the public health operator responsible for the territory, the general practitioner or, in case of emergency, 112.

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