RUFA, activate the lessons for the Thesis Desk

Information meetings will take place on Thursday 23rd and 30th April and Thursday 7th May, from 3pm to 5pm, in remote mode with virtual classroom, in order to benefit from the Thesis Desk service in a new form. It is, specifically, a cycle of three lessons focused on the correct compilation of the written thesis, addressed to RUFA graduate students. The aim is to provide them with a methodological plan able to facilitate the writing of the the thesis and make it easier to present it during the discussion. In this way it is possible to optimize both the preparatory work, determining the best combination between research and textual production, and the organization of the narrative usability, highlighting the most important activities compared to secondary ones.

The meetings, held by Lorenzo Torchia, are mainly addressed to students of Visual Arts, Cinema and Photography, whose degree session is scheduled in June and September. The decision to schedule this cycle of meetings finds its raison d’être not only in the opportunity to support the work of the students, but also in the expansion, strengthening and improvement of the services that RUFA is able to manage online. Not only didactics, therefore, but also the possibility to listen to the individual needs of each student and to determine the best possible individual path.

The Thesis Desk activity, as usual, is operative from Monday to Friday, from 10 to 13 and from 15 to 17 via Skype: The person in charge of the service, in agreement with the student’s supervisor and co-rapporteur, provides indications and suggestions regarding the topics to be investigated, the articulation, writing and formatting of the text, the compilation of the bibliography and editing. The Thesis Desk obviously does not deal with aspects related to documentary and bureaucratic procedures, which remain the responsibility of the secretariat.