Graphic design

Important awards at the European Design Award

RUFA is proud to announce two awards of excellence for the Academy and its students at the European Design Award:
Silver Award in the “Annual Report” category;
Bronze Award in the “Student’s project” category.

The editorial products with which the awards were won are, respectively, Annual Report 2019, centered on the theme of Memory in celebration of the 20th anniversary of its foundation, and Riso 02 – San Lorenzo, realized by more than 80 students of the course of Design Methodology (II year of the Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and II year of the Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design – Comics and Illustration), conceived and realized within the annual project on the identity of the San Lorenzo district in Rome.

These are honors that come at an important historical moment of change, which puts the vision of us and collective work before that of the individual and gives back the meaning of the so-called RUFA Experience.

The intent of the Annual Report 2019, realized by the agency Intorno design, is to celebrate the continuous renewal of the original impulse, narrating the main projects and events of the past year. The design was conceived on this concept: a white envelope, precious and still to be written, contains two volumes full of content. The first, in pocket format, includes in a single collective voice twenty testimonies of some of the protagonists of the years from 1998 to 2018. The second is developed horizontally and evokes the old family albums, both in format and in visual content, starting with a first artist’s signature dedicated to the twenty years, printed in two colors. The photographs, realized by the teacher Stefano Compagnucci and post produced by the teacher Christian Rizzo, also refer to the traditional albums through the shots of the “professional families RUFA”, from the Schools of the different departments to the staff of the Academy.The success of the book is also due to the paper used, from the Favini papers, and the printing finishes made by Tipografare and La Legatoria.

Photos: Eleonora Cerri Pecorella

Riso 02 – San Lorenzo is a mosaic of glances, points of view and short visual narratives about the visual identity of a roman district. Given its proximity to the main station of Rome, the freight yard and the monumental cemetery, this area was once populated by railwaymen, delivery guys and marble workers, and is now a university area. Emblem of resistance against fascism in Rome, and heavily bombed during world war II, San Lorenzo is nowadays going through many conflicts, and yet it’s also a culturally fervid and lively area. The book, printed entirely in risograph by Risograph Roma and Tipografare e bound by La Legatoria, tells the story of the district with the still visible traces of its past, and its quickly changing present.

Photos: Stefano Catino

The Academy congratulates the members of the project teams who, in various roles, have contributed to the realization of the publications.

Editorial project: Guido Lombardo, Nicolas Martino, Cristiana Pagnottelli, Ernesto Pastore, Tommaso Salvatori, Gianluca Vicini.
Content supervisor: Fabio Mongelli.
Creative direction & Design: Intorno Design.
Producer: Cristiana Pagnottelli.
Artwork (page 4-15): Maria Pina Bentivenga, Camilla Gurgone.
Cover photo: Alfio Mongelli and Fabio Mongelli on the RUFA door, 2018 (photo Compagnucci).
Portrait Photo: Stefano Compagnucci.
Postproduction: Christian Rizzo.
Text Editors: Nicolas Martino, Ernesto Pastore.
Visual Content Editors: Gianluca Vicini, Andrea Santini.
Contributors: Emanuele Cappelli, Alessandro Carpentieri, Pietro Ciccotti, Emiliano Coletta, Nicolas Martino, Alessandro Mongelli, Alfio Mongelli, Fabio Mongelli, Ernesto Pastore, Ely Rozenberg, Mario Rullo, Caterina Tomeo, Alessandro Vergoz, Andrés Rafael Zabala.
Photo contributors: Eleonora Cerri Pecorella, Claudia Rolando, Denise Senneca, Eliana Casale, Marta Ferro, Veronica Iudici.
Contents translation: CSE 92.
Thanks to: Melany Parasole, Giulia Mencarelli, Laura Campana, Laura Speranza.
Printing: Tipografare Srl –
Binding: La Legatoria –
Folder development: La Cartotecnica 2000 Srl –
Lanyard: Punto Int –
Typefaces: SangBleu Typeface, Swiss Typefaces 2017
Printed on: Favini papers – – Sumo White 2150 gr laminated, with Dolce Vita White 200gr (folder), Dolce Vita White 145 gr (pages), Crush Grape 120 gr (page 1-16), Crush Kiwi 120 gr (insert), Crush Coffee 350 gr (cover)

CREDITS RISO 02 – San Lorenzo

Students: Riccardo Alesiani, Andrea Amorosi, Emma Arduini, Matteo Barbone Sapegno, Edoardo Bardelle, Milena Felici, Marco Gualandi, Fortunata Laurenti, Daniela Lavezzo Cassinelli, Paolo Marchetta, Clara Masuzzo, Giorgio Milanese, Alessia Montedoro, Margherita Muzzi, Maria Rosa Nenna, Giulia Ordetti, Tiziano Pandolfi, Giorgia Pustorino, Giordana Rimedio, Federico Sergio, Christian Serino, Zhaojie Yuan, Giuseppe Accroglianò, Sara Andronico, Claudio Antonangeli, Aurora Baiocchi, Elena Belli, Carlotta Biagioni, Sara Bonini, Raffaello Borrelli, Luca Bruni, Stefano Catino, Eleonora Chicca, Loris Cometa, Sara Corona, Domitilla Davoli, Carla De Gennaro, Edoardo De Maglie, Francesco Dori, Alessio Gennaro, Domiziano Sagnelli, Nicolo Santini Rossi, Flaminia Filigi, Gaia Formigari, Carlotta Franceschi, Giulia Gatta, Marco Genovali, Valeria Gionfra, Virginia Granata, Beatrice Greco, Valentina Guarda, Leonardo Iaia, Isabella Immediato, Francesco Paolo Incantalupo, Fabio La Gattuta, Gianluca Mazzocco, Francesca Mazzù, Letizia Micheli, Gabriele Minotti, Diego Morana, Roberto Muto, Stefano Cattani, Giulia Del Vecchio, Edoardo Nardi, Marco Nicolò, Barbara Notaro, Alice Oieni, Laura Perrucci, Silvia Santopaolo, Lorenzo Numa Sbrolli, Antonella Scardino, Giordana Scipioni, Rachele Sdoga, Sara Stipcevich, Caterina Tahan, Marco Telesca, Valerio Teti, Francesco Tricarico, Martina Villani, Rebecca Zambelli, Alessia Zappitelli, Marco Zini.
Print: Risograph Roma / Tipografare
Binding: La Legatoria Roma