Exibart prize, art is online

Exibart, for over 20 years, has been a leader in Italy in communication related to contemporary art. In this first double decade, this space of divulgation has been able to decline research and innovation, winning the trust of the major museums, the most prestigious galleries and all the operators and fans of the sector.
In this vision Exibart has decided to open a social section and a prize dedicated to all artists, without any kind of selection and entry barrier. Everyone can find themselves on an online platform on which to upload and share projects, portfolios, images, videos and ideas. This is the formula that concretizes the Exibart prize project: in addition to the many benefits provided by participation in the initiative, there is the search for a value that is as important as it is difficult to trace, that of the relationship. Exibart prize, in fact, intends to activate a series of initiatives to encourage contact between artists and the market.

Participating in the Exibart prize 2020 is very simple: all you need to do is subscribe, register on the site and create your personal page. Specifically, the categories admitted are: illustration, drawing, painting, graphics, digital art, performance, sound art, photography, sculpture, but also other art categories not explicitly mentioned.
To know how to participate in the project and to have all the information about the management of the platform and how to access it, please consult in depth the dedicated site.