Si apre la registrazione per il “Grande Venerdì di Enzo”

The registration for the “Grande Venerdì di Enzo”, the creative portfolio review organized by the Art Directors Club Italiano, now in its 9th edition, will open on Thursday, June 4th. This year it will be held online with the presence of 75 creative directors from all over Italy. The goal, for the many artists who will join the project, is to meet some of the best professionals of the Italian creative sector and have a 20-minute interview with them, to discuss and receive valuable advice, to improve. Just like Enzo Baldoni did every Friday afternoon.

Enzo Baldoni (Città di Castello, 8th October 1948 – Iraq, 26th August 2004) was an Italian advertiser, journalist, translator, blogger and teacher. He mainly worked as copywriter at his own company “Le Balene Colpiscono Ancora”. Alongside his work (carried out, among others, for McDonald’s, Bic and Gillette), he also taught at the Academy of Communication in Milan and volunteered at the Red Cross. Among his passions was that of comics, of which he was a passionate translator and avid reader. He collaborated with Diario, Specchio della Stampa, Venerdì di Repubblica and other periodicals. In Iraq, as a freelance journalist, he was kidnapped from Najaf on 21 August 2004 by the Islamic Army. And after an ultimatum to Italy for the withdrawal of its troops within 48 hours, he was killed. The exact date and place of death were never ascertained.

The ninth edition of “Enzo’s Big Friday” is a sort of journey from city to city throughout the country: the talks will be completely online and all youth will be able to take advantage of this opportunity to have a face to face with the most award-winning Italian creatives from Milan, Turin, Bologna, Civitanova Marche, Rome, Naples, Bari and Palermo. Registration includes either sending a link to the digital portfolio, to be made during registration through the Eventbrite platform or sending an email to by June 12.
In order to give as many young creatives as possible the opportunity to participate, it is possible to book in one role only: every additional booking will be automatically cancelled. All info on the ADCI website.