For two RUFA students the international competition “StaroNature” is coloured with bronze

In recent months Staron, a company specializing in the production of “solid surfaces”, has launched a special design competition aimed at strengthening the theme of design and nature. The result is a truly intriguing contest, called “StaroNature“, which originates in the play on words between the brand name and the word nature.

The aim of the competition, specifically, was to design a product featuring the Staron, an innovative solid surface with multiple applications. Students Giulia Di Lorenzo and Martina Calanni, as part of the Product design 1 course led by teacher Floriana Cannatelli, won the third prize with the “Swan” project.
Perfectly in line with the call for proposals, the “Swan” washbasin interprets the complex relationship between nature and artifact through an “embrace” that determines the morphological line of the object and enhances the purity and perfection of the Staron in the bathroom, integrating it with the naturalness and warmth of wood. Innovation and tradition thus come together in a fascinating oxymoron that is the prevailing strength of the project.
For Giulia and Martina so much satisfaction, a prize of 2 thousand euros and congratulations from the Academy.