RUFA is a Full Member of Cumulus

A welcome message that ideally connected the world. RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts, after the videoall that certified its entrance, is officially a member of Cumulus, the international association that welcomes universities, academies and colleges specialized in arts, design and media teaching.

Cumulus was founded in 1990, but has been operating as an association since 2001 and currently has 340 members from over 61 countries. The seat of the important institution is located in Helsinki, Finland. It is identified as the only global organization at the service of art and training in design: an experiential place of networks and synergies, where the highest cognitive point is represented by collaboration and transfer of knowledge and good practices, useful for building international partnerships. In this scenario the common objective of all partners is to improve the quality of education through cooperation and exchange of students and teachers. Cumulus is to be considered as a pioneer in the development of joint programs, intensive workshops, projects and biennial conferences, not forgetting summer schools, competitions and exhibitions.

Cumlus has been strongly supported by all RUFA components. It is not only a matter of forging a vision of artistic research in the international arena that the Academy has inherent in its DNA, but also of broadening the range of opportunities available to students, exponentially raising performances and, consequently, results so as to facilitate entry into the world of professions.

“Cumulus – explained director RUFA, arch. Fabio Mongelli – programs its activities with the sole purpose of feeding the talent of young people, increasing opportunities for visibility and comparison. In this methodological development, sustainability and the environment are also given a great deal of attention. It’s a horizon we share. In RUFA students can train, grow as people and acquire the cultural and technical skills to deal with a creative profession. The teaching here is strongly project-oriented. This means that students are often involved in works with real implications in the world of work, and this happens thanks to the many synergies, partnerships and teachers of the Academy: militant professionals, artists, designers and intellectuals who dedicate a part of their activity to teaching, choosing RUFA for this mission. The wish now is to meet in person in Rome. Cumulus activities for 2020 have been suspended due to the health emergency we have all experienced, but not cancelled. RUFA, especially in its location at the Pastificio Cerere, in the heart of the San Lorenzo district, the artists’ district, will promote meetings and activities to give back to the city the wealth of knowledge that the Cumulus association brings with it, confronting the unique and eternal “glocalism” of the Capital”.