Photography and Audiovisual

RUFA teacher Alessandro Carpentieri tells his story with a photo on Rai Radio 3

Seven photographers, including RUFA teacher Alessandro Carpentieri, talk to the microphones of RaiRadio 3’s Battiti program, with the aim of describing their best shot.

A narrative that lasts a whole week: a daily photograph to convey to the viewer not only the instant, but also the circumstances, chance, perseverance, willpower but also the luck that is hidden when the light enters the camera, thus returning the memory of the moment.

In addition to Alessandro Carpentieri who presented the portrait of Fabrizio Spera, Luciano Rossetti, Roberto Masotti, Luca d’Agostino, Pietro Bandini, Pino Ninfa and Agostino Mela take part in this project.

The aim of the experience, day after day, is to get to the airing of the episode scheduled for the night between Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st June, at midnight, with the publication of the last image which, like a set of hopes and expectations, will crowd the social bulletin boards of the Rai format, combining the shot with a piece of music chosen by the author of the photo himself. All the info on the facebook page of the program Battiti di RaiRadio 3.

Battiti is a program by Pino Saulo with Ghighi Di Paola, Giovanna Scandale, Simone Sottili and Antonia Tessitore, a music magazine dedicated to jazz, black music and other music that is appearing with increasing relevance in the music and recording scene. The program includes presentations of new records, interviews, columns, guests, monographs, live music and reportages.