Graphic Design - Comics and Illustration

The comics of Comics and illustration course for diary

And now back to school! RUFA and have given rise to a synergy aimed at making the diary created by the students’ friendly website even more attractive and functional, which over the years has become a “must” to keep on the desk.

Specifically, a part of the diary has been enriched by the comic strips created by the students attending the Comics and Illustration course at the Academy, within the School of Graphic Design, coordinated by teachers Fabrizio Verrocchi and Daniele Bonomo. It was a real group work that brought together in a single project the “anti-boredom” ideas of Dina Mite, Toonie, Emma Arduini (aka BIZ), Maria Rosa Nenna (aka BLUBI), Federico Sergio, Marco Gualadi, Milena Felici and Tiziano Pandolfi. A creative wave ready to be appreciated also by the “enemy” teacher!’s diary, moreover, is the first and only product of this kind, made in “crowdsourcing”: each page has been designed by and for students, with the involvement of over 50 thousand boys and girls.

All this has made it possible to insert very innovative and interesting contributions that make the diary really different: from the Save Student page to the one to keep the average grade under control, from the board games to never get bored during the free period to the schematic sheets.

In addition, jokes, tips, curiosities, spaces reserved for innovation, meme, personality tests, comics and art therapy. And again the stickers and the Clandestino Register so as not to lose count of votes, absences and averages.

The diary is on sale online with over 400 arguments treated to make every day exciting.Not forgetting the development over the course of sixteen months instead of twelve.