Ministry of University and Research, announced the National Prize for the Arts

The Ministry of University and Research has announced the fifteenth edition of the “National Arts Award”. The competition, addressed to students regularly enrolled in institutions and accredited courses of the Afam system, in the academic year 2019/2020, is divided into the following sections and subsections:
1) FIGURATIVE, DIGITAL AND SCENOGRAPHICAL ART: Painting, Sculpture, Restoration, Graphic Arts, Decoration, Set Design (theatre, cinema and television), Electronic Art, Photography, Interactive Works, Video installations, Audiovisual productions of narration and creation;
2) PERFORMING ARTS: Dance, Dramatic Art;


4) MUSICAL INTERPRETATION: Singing (opera singing and vocal chamber music), Guitar, Harp, Mandolin, Composition, Conducting, Accordion, Organ, Jazz, Percussion, Piano, Chamber and ensemble music, Electronic music and new technologies, Music for ancient instruments and voices, Original pop and rock music (groups, soloists and voices), Strings, Wind instruments.

Students interested in taking part in the competition must submit an application to the institution they belong to, exclusively for one of the above mentioned sections, in accordance with the procedures that will be specified and adequately advertised in the respective institute registers and institutional websites.

Works already submitted in previous editions of the Prize are not admitted. It is RUFA’s responsibility to establish, on the basis of the selected project proposals, the students who may participate are at national selective testing. The final winners are identified by juries appointed by the Ministry, whose judgment is final and unquestionable. The identification of ex-aequo winners is not allowed.

The institutions have the right to award special prizes referring to particular qualities highlighted by the students participating in the final phase and may provide for the awarding of scholarships provided by public and private bodies, also dedicated to personalities who have played an important and significant role in the arts, music and entertainment.

All competitive operations must be completed by March 31st 2021, unless otherwise decided by the General Directorate of Mur which may be adopted in relation to the evolution of the health situation and which will be promptly communicated to the Institutions.