In the competition the short film by Chiara Guglia and Elena Viggiano

Seven seconds to describe a world. The RUFA students of the Bachelor of Arts in Cinema, Chiara Guglia and Elena Viggiano, made an independent short film that was selected at the 7SIFF – 7 Second International Film Festival in Buenos Aires.

The project, the only Italian short film that passed the selection, aims to create new forms of communication and comparison. The 7siff platform wants to be a sort of digital exchange, to experiment, to travel different paths, to imagine the cinema in a different way than it has been assumed until now.

A real laboratory always open and without borders, taking into account the fact that the courts from the most remote corners of the planet are then divided into categories and submitted to the evaluation of experts and the public.

The work realized by the two RUFA, viewable here, students competes in various categories, including the one aimed only at students. In addition to the actual jury, composed of professionals, there is the popular vote: anyone can browse the festival website and leave their vote, clicking here, then start, then on the CHELE poster, adding a personal email. An invitation also addressed to the RUFA community!