Creativity travels on the net

Test yourself, conceive and realize. This is the idea behind Allmazing: a crowdsourcing platform, connecting companies/brands with designers, through the organization of contests. The goal is simple and immediate: to generate new ideas, new visions, new inspirations, so as to relate supply and demand. On the one hand companies and investors, on the other hand future professionals in the creative industry. No filters and no mediation: if the idea presented convinces, we move on to the implementation of the project.

On the platform, practically in real time, new calls are always inserted and many of them are perfectly aligned to RUFA students. The new generations, from this point of view, are considered the repositories of their own personal identity that, in many cases, escapes the traditional vision of an agency specialized in advertising.

Among the proposals closest to the creative abilities of RUFA students there is the possibility to give shape and substance to a “packaging make up perfume or skin care for teenagers”. All the info to be part of the contest are reported on the website Allmazing, where are also highlighted the inspiring principles of the platform.

According to the founders of Allmazing internet can be a fantastic tool to give everyone the opportunity to express their creativity, knowing that inspiration comes from sharing without borders. All that remains to be done is to move from theory to practice and check it out!