The Rometti Prize 2021 edition starts again

With a different impact than in the past, but no less impetuous and interesting, the 2021 announcement of the Rometti Prize was launched. For the prestigious company it is a clear sign of continuity and commitment: since 1927 Manifattura Rometti, at its historic headquarters in Umbertide (Pg), has been making artistic ceramics, with the collaboration of young designers, committed to giving expression to their creativity. The prize is a free theme. The only objective is to combine the work of art with the design object.

Each participant is called to realize only one project, according to their taste and inclinations. The different interpretations must reach the organizing secretariat by April 30, 2021, in order to be evaluated by a jury of experts who will select at most the 6 best concepts. The finalists will be entitled to a one-week internship in manufacturing that will be used to concretely realize their project. The interns will enjoy free of charge their stay (board and lodging) and local travel, as well as any travel organized by Rometti. The participation in the internship of the selected students is mandatory. Renunciation of participation precludes the student’s right and possibility to access the final prizes.

The 2021 edition of the Rometti Prize will also see the completion of the 2020 edition, which was not completed due to the Covid-19 emergency. Due to the restrictions it was not possible to carry out the internship, which will therefore be merged with that of 2021. This means that, to the designers selected for the internship, will be added the 4 finalists selected for the 2020 edition. Among all the finalists will be awarded to the first classified a cash prize of 1,000 euros to the second of 600 and the third of 400. All creations made during the internship will be able to go into production, even with any changes previously agreed with the author. The prototypes will be exhibited at the Rometti Museum in Umbertide, in a contemporary section within the space.

Download the announcement.