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RUFA students and graduates on display at Chiaroscuro contemporary art exhibition

Promote young artists and curators who are trained in the Academies. It is in this context that the “Recommended” project has taken shape. Conceived by Francesca Longo and Raffaele Gavarro, the initiative is addressed to RUFA and ABA graduates who will be able to exhibit their works in an exhibition, with a refined setting, followed by curators who come not only from the academies but also from Roman universities.

The first appointment of the format is scheduled next October 16th, in the no-profit exhibition space “Chiaroscuro arte contemporanea” in Rome, in via Sant’Antonio all’Esquilino.

Compared to the already known independent spaces, “Recommended” gives back a conscious importance to the institutional places of training. The experience therefore wants to be a support not only for artists, but also for gallerists and collectors, eager to invest in the future protagonists of contemporary expression.

And Rome is obviously a candidate to provide a valuable contribution, both in terms of content and proposal. The Capitoline cultural institutions will select some students for internships aimed at the acquisition of work skills in an exhibition space. The first intern is the student RUFA Giulia Romolo. But there will be, of course, the RUFA – Experience also on the exhibition front. Among the next protagonists Amedeo Longo (12-28 November 2020) and Camilla Gurgone (11-28 March 2021). For all the info visit the website of Chiaroscuro – Contemporary Art.

In addition to RUFA students will also participate in the project ABA students: Vito Gara (16 October – 31 October 2020), Andrea Lo Giudice (10-23 December 2020), Elisa Garofani (14-31 January 2021), Alessandro Matera (11-28 February 2021), Francesco Poiana (8-24 April 2021), Claudio Pantò (6-23 May 2021).