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Sculpture and Installations

Fabrizio Dell’Arno exhibits in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, as part of the talks on communication and innovation

RUFA teacher, Fabrizio Dell’Arno, will be present at the ninth edition of the “Colloquium on communication and innovation. Art, intervention and communication of public interest”. This is, specifically, an initiative promoted by the Universidade Municipal de Sao Caetano do Sul which is based in the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

The important cultural event is scheduled for next October the 24th, from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. The experience intends to focus on the role of the arts and the related possibilities of intervention that they offer in the social and cultural processes of contemporary society. The Municipal University of San Gaetano, already for some time, has given form and substance to a research on different artistic languages, so as to promote the right transformations in the dynamics of social relations, communities, use of technologies and media culture, in the genres and formats of their products.

This interview, in depth, aims to present three works developed in the field of arts (plastic, theatrical and visual), to be discussed from the point of view of social intervention as communication of public interest.

The current trends in the visual arts emerge in a scenario characterized by the greater expansion of phenomenon already emerged in the previous decade. These include the strong impetus to internationalize the “system” of art, which now extends to regions originally considered remote, such as the Indian subcontinent, Latin America, Southeast Asia and, above all, China. In this context, the paintings by Neo Rauch and Adrian Ghenie, associated with the Leipzig and Cluj Escola art movements, show the traumas suffered by a socialist past. The works of artists of “cynical realism”, such as Yue Minjun and Zhang Xiaogang, indicate the subordination of society to the rigid Chinese political regime, while the works of Neshat, Kentridge, K.J. Marshall and Varejão, reveal the political sphere and new models of economic development.

Through these artists, and Dell’Arno’s work, the conference aims to show contemporary arts as a gesture of protest and responsibility towards the societies to which they belong, and which take on a value of ethical and identity testimony and touch upon central problems of the current cultural and social system.